Monday 18 February 2013

Happy Lettering Book at John Neal the Bookseller!

"Happy Lettering with the Right Tools" -book is now available at John Neal the Bookseller!
 The idea for this book came to me one night, while I was gathering ideas and thoughts for my upcoming workshops.

I hope that this quide will inspire you to try new calligraphy tools, without fear of failure or
level of your experience.

Many of my greatest ideas are "discovered" by accident, and can lead to that perfect finish for your project.

Let your tools teach you! Not the other way around.

Make mistakes!

This is what works for me: one system. One of thousands. Grab your tool and find your style to do art.

When you have your quality time, make a mess and splashes with your colors!

Inside of this book you will find clear pictures and instructions of how to use:
Ruling Pen, Princess Ruling Pen, small Ruling Pen, Angle Ruling Pen, Automatic Pen, Horizontal Pen, Suede Pen......also, how to customize your Can Pen in new ways. I have made some model alphabets for you to look and quide you for starters. But my idea is that you will get so inspired, that you want to create your own kind of letters and lines.
Feel free to contact me straigth from HERE!

This is how it is described at John Neal The Bookseller:
This enthusiastic book provides instruction on lettering with ruling pens - traditional ones and the newer ones made specifically for lettering. The author includes how to make a folded pens from an aluminum can, which she calls Canpens (they are also called Cola Pens). Some instruction is also included for Automatic Pens and Suede Pens.
B3962. Happy Lettering with the Right Tools / Koskimäki-Ketelä


  1. Hei Marika!

    Kivat sivut sinulla ja inspiroivat. Hyvä, että olet ryhtynyt moiseen.
    Iloista kevättä ja linnun laulua!
    Terv. Ulla Enckell-Valo

  2. Moi, kiitos aivan ihanasta kommentistasi. Lämmittää oikein hyvin tätä lumisateista päivää : )
    Ennakkomyynti on lähtenyt hyvin kirjassakin käyntiin ja ilmeisesti saan kirjat ensi viikon lopussa käsiini painosta! Nyt alkaa jo jännittää : )
    Mutta aivan ihanan lumista kevään jatkoa sinulle ja nähdään jossain vaiheessa, toivottavasti kalligrafian merkeissä : )

    y.t Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä