Tuesday, 1 November 2016

So tasty, chili chocolate + tacos!

Something else in my lettering blog today, but this was SOOOO good,
that I really want to share this taco-recipe trial with you guys! 

And it is goodio chocolate, which is raw and organic bean-to-bar chocolate and 
handmade here in Finland, and if your store does not carry it, 
buy straight from their website through here

 So, prepare your tacos as usual, but when the ground beef is nice and ready,
add goodio chili chocolate (grade it first) crushed grain in and that´s about it, you really
do not need anything else. It gives really nice taste, soft and tasty!

Kids love to do the graining :) 

Info about the chocolate ingredients you find through here

....and then...... 

Thank you for visiting me today, here is some links, you really want to check:

- Goodio website https://goodiochocolate.com

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