Saturday 7 January 2017

Folded Pen Lettering Kit - all tools you need + book

So happy to announce,
that my "Happy Lettering" -Book is now available also, 
with an extremely interesting tools as a kit!

"Happy Lettering with the Right Tools' 
along with three folded pens:

+ N30. Folded Ruling Pen
+ N155. Dragonfly Luthis Folded Pen
+ FP132. Pilo Parallel Pen Radius (6mm)

+ Also contains a pad of P69 Gilbert Bond
A great pad for broad-edged pen practice. 
Has a nice tooth and holds good hairlines. Acid-free. 
Highly recommended

The book contains several pages of instruction to help learn the 
basic strokes. Folded Pens are really all about exploration and 
using the pens to create unique lettering. 

Order straight from John Neal the Bookseller,

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