Thursday 9 March 2017

Book Art & Calligraphy - Bound & Lettered magazine

"Daddy's Girl" from my Whimsical Lettering -Exhibition was recently on the cover of 
Bound & Lettered magazine. Here is few more pics from it. Size is 40x110x10cm. 

I used Automatic pen with gouache colors and heavy weight paper. 
The book behind is old book, treated with fabric hardener and after that, painted in white. 

These letters I actually did cut out with craft knife (took two weeks :)

The text is about young girl, who writes to her notebook everyday, super happy things. 
She is very lively writer.

 You can read more from Bound & Lettered about this. 

The text, by Jaana Ala-Huissi
Where to order Bound&Lettered: John Neal the Bookseller 

Under: Letter Art's Review magazine (the latest issue) and my "The Gate Crasher" is on the cover of 
that magazine. I feel very honored at the moment, to be in the cover of both of these! BUY NOW!

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..........And small advertisement here :) 

you can purchase my book Happy Lettering with the Rigth Tools,here is direct links to this one: 

Here is two blogposts about ruling pens and FUN lettering, which mention my book

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