Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Modify your Pen - muuntele Pilot kynääsi

 On february, when I was teaching at mini-class at Letters California Style -conference, 
I asked my hubby to make/modify Pilot Parallel pens for my group.
And everybody was sold out for these cuties :)

There is a original maker for these pens so if you are interested, here is info:
I did purchase my first one from Rainer Wiebe and he do call them Rulingfüller 

Rainer happens to be good with crafting things and excellent calligrapher. 
You will find his work from facebook, here is a link, and if you 
write for him, he will modify pen like this for you. 
He also do have other kind of modified pens in his stock, you will 
be surprised, what he can do!

I can´t tell you how he does make these (because I don´t go to his garage :)
But my hubby said that he won´t do them for sale because it was not
so easy as I may have thought :) Need to be a calligrapher to make a
tools for calligraphers. So, Rainer is the man for this job.
 Anyways, you can write with this pen like you write with your folded ruling pen
or can pen or wooden ruling pens. It does make remarkable splashes and HUGE mess, which I love! Really, you should try one. 

Or try to make it if you have some tools to try. Maybe you will brake few pens 
while trying but you know, you do what you have to do....

If you wish to see pics from my class at LCS-2014 conference:
Helmikuussa, kun olin opettamassa LCS-konferenssissa Los Angelesissa,
mieheni teki kurssille osallistuneille tällaiset muunnellut pilot parallel kynät.
Tämä kynä kirjoittaa, kuten vetopiirrin, joten se on ideaali kun haluat tehdä
roiskeita ja sotkua :) ihanaa! 

Ostin ensimmäisen kynäni Rainer Wiebeltä (löytyy facebookista) ja
hän on erinomainen käsityöläinen ja uskomattoman hieno kalligrafi.
Luulen, että näitä kyniä saa jo John Neal the Booksellerilta tai Paper Ink artista,
kannattaa tiedustella. Ja varmasti, jos joku pyytää, 
alkaa näitä metsästämään jos kysyntää on.

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