Thursday 26 June 2014

Happy Lettering with the Right Tools available in USA

Happy Lettering with the Right Tools - book is finally
available in USA, straight from the printer!
John Neal the Bookseller  is carrying my book, 
HERE is straight link to this book. (Book is in english).

Inside this book you will find instructions on lettering with
ruling pens - traditional and newer ones, made specifically for lettering
like Angle Ruling Pen (as I call this amazing tool).
Also, I included "how to" make a folded pens from aluminum cans
and how to customize your tools.
+ Suede Pens and automatic pens, and I just have to add
this here: the Princess Ruling Pen!

I truly hope that you will find this book as inspirational
as I tried to make it - just happy lettering :)

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