Friday 13 June 2014

Provinssi rock

I was playing with the word Provinssi Rock, using different tools,
but this was the one which I chose to show you :)

About Provinssi Rock:
Provinssirock - The party of people - opens the festival summer again on June 27.-28.6.2014. 
For two days, Seinäjoki city is visited by a huge amount of people who enjoy music, art, 
Finnish summer and above all: the company of others.
Here is a link to their webpage
Eräänä aamuna leikittelin eri välineillä, (vetopiirrin, terä, tussit, siveltimet jne. jne...) 
sanalla Provinssi Rock. Tapahtumahan on ihan pian!
Tein useamman version, mutta tämän halusin jakaa kanssanne :)

Tästä pääset provinssirockin sivuille!

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