Thursday, 28 January 2016

Arabialla,with Heini Riitahuhta at Arabia Art Department Society

I had a wonderful day at Arabia Art Department Society with Heini Riitahuhta. 
We have planned this for months and suddenly, on January her calendar was free for one day, 
and I took the day :)  She gave me tour at her studio and we met other designers and artists, too. 

What a day for me and thank you, Heini for doing this with me!
If you want more info about Art Department, click here!

Welcome to the source of inspiration!
It was exciting to actually go to the  9th floor!

Picture above is from artists corridor and behind those doors are studios, where Arabia Art Department artists work and create their fabulous masterpieces. I had a chance to meet and also, discuss a bit with Fujiwo Ishimoto and Kati Tuominen-Niittylä about how 
does their artwork and creations born and what they have done lately.
Extremely interesting, I have to add.
This is the building from outside
Heini´s studio is full of inspiration, light and plants. 

*In her art and design, Heini combines a range of decoration techniques which the ceramic factory has used over time, consisting of hand painting, silkscreen printing and colouring with glazes. Layers of decorations create the feeling that you can dive into the decor. It fills you with the sense that it is in beautiful harmony with the glazed surface. Ceramic hexagons create a fascinating composition that grows piece by piece, containing a tiny cosmos in each of numberless fragments which, when taken together, form an expanding universe.

At the end of the day, Heini did a small workshop for me, about painting on ceramics!
It was total surprise for me, never ever done this before and with this teacher this was something
that I will never forget! She also showed me some old fashion styles to paint. Took me
awhile, before I had the courage to take the brush and start to paint.........

.....but I DID! 

And here is the result, few hours later I had two plates.... still "raw". She will do some magic for 
them and I will show the results for you when they arrive back to me. I have no idea
if they look good or bad when they are ready.....

Heini Riitahuhta (1975) graduated from the ceramics and glass department of the 
University of Art and Design in 2002. Today Heini works in the Arabia Art Department. She has received among others the Honorable mention in Mino, Japan. 
Heini Riitahuhta has joined Arabia Art Department’s exhibitions in Japan and Denmark.
 Also, her monumental artwork Arabia Flower was displayed on the Arabianranta shoreline, close to the ceramic factory in Helsinki. We did plan to go to see it but it was covered by snow, since we 
have had a lot's of snow lately, here in Finland.

Here is few of her unique art works:
"Nupit", "Lintu Sininen" and "Pistekukka"
Thank you for visiting with me at 
Arabia Art Department Society.

Have a inspirational day,

* some of the text in this artickle are from the web page of Arabia Art Department Society (CLICK)


  1. Onpa sulla ollut upea päivä! Mahtava juttu!

    1. Kiitos Maarit, kertakaikkiaan ammennan kokemuksestani pitkään inspiraatiota. Hyvä etten jääny sinne heti loppuelämäkseni, niin mahtava ympäristö luomiseen oli kyllä ja ketä kaikkia tapasin, en ees samana päivänä tajunnu vielä - tätä pohditaan pitkään :)

  2. Vau, onpa mahtavaa! Varmasti mielenkiintoinen päivä :)

    1. Kiitos Miia! Täytyy kyllä myöntää, että olen vieläkin fiiliksissä. Nyt varsinkin, kun Arabian tuotanto siirtyy pois, oli mukava vielä olla paikan päällä ja nähdä hommat. Taideosasto tosin säilyy 9 kerroksessa, se ei siirry muualle. Joka onkin hyvä asia. Olisi pitänyt oikein tehdä muistiinpanot koko päivästä, että varmasti muistaa kaiken, mitä siellä juteltiin ja touhuttiin. Mutta onneksi on nuo kuvamuistot :) Kiitos, kun piipahdit täällä.