Monday, 28 January 2013

New Calligraphy Book - Tools+fun= Happy Lettering

My book is finally almost ready- I have done it now over a year!

So this is very nice moment that I can share this information with you. What is this book about? It is not a ´do this-do that´- kind of a book. It is more about how to make marks and be happy, make mistakes and have fun. It is more about the journey than the destination.

Name of this book is Happy Lettering with the Right Tools, that tells you a lot! There is a lot´s of pictures which show you how to use Ruling Pens, Princess Ruling Pen, Small Ruling Pen, Angle Ruling Pen....(did you knew that out there is so many different kind of ruling pens : ). Also, I tell and show with pics, how to make a cola-can pen, and how to tune it up. I didn´t forget folded ruling pens, automatic pens, horizontal pens....

So, there is NO "history of writing" -page or how to make a perfect, beautifully composed letterform ....Nothing like this. BUT, very carefully explained ( along with pics ) how to use a screw of ruling pen, which position you will get thin line or bold splashes...

Book is written in english and also, in finnish language. I have lived in California few years, so it
was natural choice for me to do it with both languages. Thank you for both of my proofreaders Karen and Virpi, you have done HUGE amount of work with this one!

If you wish to buy my book, feel free to contact me straight to my email and
I will give you more information. All of you who will preorder this book, I have a special gift. It is a small calligraphic artwork :)

Here is more text about this book:
The idea for this manual came to me one night, while I was gathering ideas and thoughts for my upcoming workshops. I hope that this quide will inspire you to try new calligraphy tools,
without fear of failure or level of your experience. Many of my greatest ideas are "discovered" by accident, and can lead to that perfect finish for your project. Let your tools to teach you not another way around. Make mistakes! This is what works for me: one system. One of thousands.
Grap your tool and find your style to do art. When you have your quality time, make a mess and splashes with your colors! Happy calligrapher Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä
And here is "author page" from my book, if you would like to know more about me:
Calligraphy is so much more than just beautiful writing in a greeting card! Flourishing lines and creative embellishments open new doors to a fascinating world of lettering arts and writing.  Once I entered the world of Calligraphy, I never wanted to leave.

I have studied Calligraphy almost twenty years, and am still as passionate about the art of letters, forms and colors as when I first started. I am currently the Chairman of the Calligraphy Society in Finland, as well as a fellow of the Finnish Calligraphy Association. I am also a Professional Photographer.  My knowledge of design and composition has been a tremendous advantage for me in Calligraphy.  It is a joy to be able to blend my skills as a photographer, and as a calligrapher, using my many years of study in both to create original, inspirational art that has earned international recognition, through magazine articles and illustrations, exhibits and many returning delighted clients. Pens, nibs and brushes are my passion, but I can just as easily be creative with the twig from a tree, or a single piece of straw.  So can you! In my classes and in my articles, I encourage calligraphers to be happy and playful in their creativity.  When you enjoy what you are doing,
it leaves hidden magic in your letters~ These letters are made with love! The world of Calligraphy is constantly evolving.
Visit my website at and follow my blog at to learn more and to watch for future books.

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