Tuesday, 5 November 2013

SFO Public Library-Special Collections

I had a privilege to visit San Fransisco Public Library,Book Arts & Special Collection at October.
What an amazing place! The whole library is huge and you should spend some time
by looking around - architecture and everything - breathtaking!

 The Marjorie G. and Carl W. Stern Book Arts & Special Collections Center houses major collections on printing history, calligraphy and lettering, wit and humor, little maga/zines, early children’s books, and several smaller collections . The Center sponsors a variety of exhibitions and programs on a regular basis. More info from this link!
In this picture, I´m in a silent room and quietly looking calligraphic masterpieces in my hands,
what I felt was not from this world! It was beyond my mind, it will take some time for me
to chew all the perfection what I saw!

 When I went to see the calligraphy collection, 
Andrea had chosen some of the most important calligraphic artworks for me. 
Also, while emailing with her we did chose some of the works which I really wanted to see. 
Andrea was very kind and understanding for me and my timetable 
( I did travel from Finland to SFO, so it was not easy to organize everything so precicely )

Also, I want to thank Lisa, thank you for being so helpful and patient with me :)
I did have a chance to search dozens of calligraphers and their work. 
For example: 
Thomas Ingmire-work in progress. 
Thomas had a huge exhibition at that time 
so some of his work were gone but there was some jewels for me :) 

I did see also original artworks from:
Marie Angel, Monica Dengo, Werner Schneider, 
Hermann Zapf originals,  Georgia Deaver, 
John Stevens etc. etc.

 The whole experience was so overwhelming that it will take few years to just think
all what I saw. But definitely, if you ever have chance to go - DO IT! 

Just write for me and I will give you more information and emails etc. 
to whom to contact and that way we can make 
your trip easier! Here is my email, click this!
Finally, A BIG THANKS to Carl Rohrs! 
He did ask me one summer in Finland that: 
" Haven´t you ever been in SFO public Library - Special Collections ? " 
-------and I was sold. 
Carl helped me through this visit and gave good tips and ideas 
to whose work I should check and who to contact etc. etc.
Thank you, Carl!

I hope that I can now help someone else to make this journey, 
it really is worth to do+see!

Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä----------------------------------------------
Sain vierailla San Fransiskon julkisessa kirjastossa, valtavaa kalligrafia kokoelmaa katsomassa.
Koko kirjasto on noin 4 kerrostalon kokoinen ja kuudennessa kerroksessa on kyseinen kalligrafiakokoelma. 

Olin etukäteen Carl Rohrsin kanssa jutellut, mitä töitä minun kannattaisi katsoa 
ja olin pyytänyt ne sinne valmiiksi. Koska minulla ei ollut koko päivää aikaa olla kirjastossa, olin pyytänyt vain n. 8 kalligrafin työt tutkittavakseni. 

Kokemus oli niin "iso" että ottaa varmasti kauan, että selviän siitä.
Teokset olivat niin upeita, alkuperäisiä parhaiden kalligrafien tekemiä töitä, että
ihan siinä herkistyi. 

Jos innostut itse lähtemään paikan päälle, ota ihmeessä minuun yhteyttä. Lähetän mielelläni kalligrafiatöistä vastaavan Andrean emailin sinulle ja muutakin tietoa, jota ei löydy
nettisivuilta eikä yleensä mistään. Tästä klikkaamalla pääset emailiini!

Kiitos kun käväisit kylässä :)
Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä


  1. It sounds like a wonderful experience after a very long trip. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi, Pam and thank you for visiting here and also, thank you for leaving comment.
    Visiting the Library was so big experience for me that it takes some time to think everything I saw.

    Maybe I do it again, some day...hopefully I have a chance to do it twice in this life...

    I hope you have a great fall, we should have some snow in near future and usually, our Christmas has been white.
    That is what I wait for :)