Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mixed-media&trials - Sekatekniikka kokeilu...

This week, I tried my new tools for this mixed media page and what I did use; 
Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils, Derwent Watercolour colored pencils and 
Derwent Inktense Blocks ( which are cool, I must say ).
What to do?
1. With your colored pencils, write freely and fill the whole paper. ( I did use heavy paper ).
2. With your watercolour pencils, colour some parts of the paper. 
I did color inside space of my letters and also, use multiple colors now.
3. Spread out the watercolour pencil 'ink' by using small brushes. 
Be careful and use only small amount of water, we don't want our colors spread out too much.
4. Now, page does look good. You can actually leave it as it is if you like it, or...
5. Colour more by using your Inktense Blocks, fill empty spaces or add more color to 
places you feel that it is needed. You can use these blocks dry ( very bright colors ) or if you wet it, you will get most beautiful surface which you can treat with brush. 
You can also dip the whole block to water and draw lines. Try and be experimental :) 
8. When this is dry, you can treat the surface with any technique. Inktense Blocks will dry water proof which is excellent for those, who would like to continue to work with this page more and more....
And the most important part; HAVE FUN :)
 Alla idea, mistä voit lähteä liikkeelle tässä projektissa. Yläpuolella yksityiskohta sivustani.
Käytin projektiin paksua paperia, Derwent Coloursoft puuvärejä, Derwent watercolour vesiliukoisia puuvärejä ja Derwent Inktense Block -värejä (jotka ovat aivan uskomattoman ihanat). 

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