Tuesday 26 June 2012

Portland, Oregon "The Poetic Pen"- näyttely 2012. Näyttelyyn lähetettiin 140 työtä ja 40 valittiin jyrytyksen kautta tähän näyttelyyn. Näyttelystä löytyy teokseni "Finding Myself". Tässä muutama kuva ja linkki online katalogiin. 
Portland, Oregon "The poetic Pen" -Exhibition at 23 Sandy Gallery, this year there was 140 works and they selected 40 of those to the exhibition. I was honoured to be one of those : ) Here is a link to online catalog and pics of my work.

This book was actually a progress about finding my path in my calligraphy, art and in my life. These words I have used in this book are my own words during several years—poems of life. I could not do a nice, little, small harmonious book since my journey has been anything but harmonious. Finding myself has been huge journey and puzzle. There have been ups and downs and lots of fallings. But at the end, I did find myself. This book is all about the things that you want to do, anything but to take the obvious path.
Hope you enjoyed; Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä

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