Monday, 10 November 2014

Traditional Sign Lettering workshop - Perinteinen kylttien tekstauskurssi

Howdy and welcome. 

Today, I want to share a story about Traditional Sign Lettering workshop, 
with the eyes of  first-timer! For me, this was first time EVER at sign lettering workshop.

I did once took a pinstriping workshop with Pekka Mannermaa, many many years ago, 
so that does not count because it was so long time ago.

So, welcome to Northern Exposure-Traditional Sign Lettering workshop 
with Peter Anthony, organized by Pinstriping Finland Oy.

I just love the paints and colors....
So, when I entered the classroom, early sunday morning, it was filled with young people. 
Have to admit now that I was a little bit worried how to blend in, since I´m not signpainter or tattoo artist or have any kind of street credibility!!! 

I´m just an old lady who happens to love letters, paintings and calligraphy 
+ took this workshop just to get new, bright ideas for her own art, 
not thinking to start  a signpainter career :)

But no worries, it does not matter, who you are or how old you are, the whole classroom made me feel 
welcomed right away. It was very relaxing to notice that everyone just started to talk to you and the whole atmosphere was friendly and open. This did start good!

A bit about our teacher; Peter Anthony (more info here),  he does have a 
years and years (over 40 years) of experience in both sign lettering and teaching.
And still he is keen and creative, looking to work with inspiring people and projects.
How awesome is that?

There examples under here are just awesome:

About the paints: 
Tell you the truth, I always use water based paints, so for me these paints and brushes are 
SO not easy to use. But after a while, really, you get the feeling of how they work and flow. 

We did use paint called: 1Shot. You can buy those paints easily here.

 About the artists brushes:
I have always used synthetic brushes SO you can tell, I had some troubles with these 
sable brushes, they do NOT work as I want - they had their own lives!

So, I started to think the way I think while writing with my calligraphy tools:
What this tool wants to teach me - not the other way around + relax :)

Mostly I did use Handover 2112A brush, which you can order through here (Finland).

And look, I´m holding a cup (full of paint), brush and Mahl Stick, 
Classic Traditional Artists and Sign Painters Tool.....
and with all of these things I´m making letters - WOW!
You can buy this KIKKAKEPPI through here

Oh boy, now we start to write and my strokes are NOT good yet!

OK, teacher is not watching - I did lettering with no stick :)

I was so not pleased with my letters! 
Yes, Peter, I have done lettering almost twenty years - but for some reason, 
you can not tell that by seeing my letterforms here! But please, give me a break, 
my brush do NOT work as I want it to work :) Joke for the day was that
"this paper is not good" or "Peter, my brush is broken" :)

There was always something else wrong BUT not your skills with the brush :)

Ok, now starts the FUN! Gilding!

For gilding base we did use Handover Gold Size, order through here 

And then I did apply Variegated Leaf, order here 
Some of us did use gold leaf, works almost the same. Check it here.

Under: Peters perfect e  

Thank you for stopping by and more pics you will find through Pinstriping Finland blog
and info about new workshops through the organizers web page:

Also, thank you Peter!

And HUGE thank you for Jussi Alasalmi & Hannu Nivala for organizing 
this cool workshop, I think that you just made history in Finland!

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