Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy Lettering with the Right Tools -book

Happy Lettering with the Right Tools - book  sold out in Finland ( I have only few copies left ), 
Thank you all so much for supporting me with this one! This could never happen without you!

But I have happy news :)

Happy Lettering is published in USA 
and you can order it from John Neal the Bookseller,

And NOW, Happy Lettering -book is available in EUROPE, too sell it videly in Europe, 

Here is some pages for you, kind of a treats :) from Happy Lettering -book

Calligraphy is so much more than just beautiful writing on a greeting card. There are forms and flourishes and colour and ornament to explore, opening new doors into this fascinating and constantly evolving world of lettering arts. In my classes, I encourage calligraphers to be happy and playful as they create - that joyful act will leave a hidden magic in your art, in your letters made from love.

I hope that this guide will inspire you to try new calligraphy tools without a fear of failure, regardless of your level of experience. Let your tools teach you - not the other way around.

Make "mistakes"! Accidental discoveries can lead to the perfect idea for your project. Make splashes with your inks and colours. Don't be afraid to make a mess! Grab your tool and find your style, your own way to do art. Best wishes from The Happy Calligrapher, Marika Koskimäki-Ketelä.

Bookseller’s comments:
This enthusiastic book from provides instruction on lettering with ruling pens – both traditional ones and the newer ones made specifically for lettering. The Marika also shows you how you can make you own folded pen from an old drinks can and shows how to make different shaped blades and he effects they can make on your lettering.

Points discussed include:
  • Customize your Tools
  • Ruling Pens
  • Automatic Pens
  • Making a Can Pen
  • And pages of examples of her work to inspire you

2nd edition, 2014, paperback, 48pp, full colour throughout, 29.3 x 19cm

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