Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to make fun letters with Ruling Pens?

I have got some emails during these few past weeks about how to write free 
letterforms with Ruling Pens. Answer is quite easy :) 

Happy Lettering with the Right Tools -book will tell you all about these amazing and 
very beautiful tools and provides you instruction on lettering with ruling pens - both traditional
ones and newer ones, made specifically for lettering.

If you have this book already, page 14 to 17 is info about Ruling Pens on the picture above
and page 28 is all about Suede Pen (what a lovely writing tool it is). 

And you will find plenty of other interesting tools 
(small ruling pen, angle ruling pen etc. etc.) inside these covers. 

I really hope that you will love it and get inspired.

From EUROPE, order this book from Calligraphity, click!

I just got happy email from Ann-Marie (Colorado, USA):
I enjoyed your beautiful book. It made me want to sit right down and play with the techniques. Your work is beautiful and expressive."

Thank you Ann-Marie, this really did make my month! 

If you have any question or you would like to comment this, please email me through here,
I would love to hear your thoughts and about your trials, too :)

wishes from Happy Calligrapher,
Marika K-K

PS. I will be at Letters California Style 2015 -conference on February, my workshop is 
PEN CRAFTING and we will make our own writing tools etc. 

If you wish to join this conference or my workshop, please check Society of Calligraphy website!
Or email straight to Barbara Close through this link!

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